İzmir Katip Çelebi University (IKCU) was established in 2010. It is a public university. IKCU aims to be one of the leading universities in Turkey with its 16 faculties, 5 vocational schools, 2 hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research facilities, 100% English-medium undergraduate and graduate programs, and international collaborations. 16625 students are studying, 1114 academic staff and 567 administrative staff are working at the University. In addition, IKCU hosts internationally recognised dynamic eminent scientists through its 3 institutes and 27 research centres.
IKCU is willing to provide students with information, communication, and human power at the intellectual level. The vision of IKCU is to raise an analytical student who would continuously make research and self-develop to be competitive by being on the global education platform with up-to-date information.
IKCU offers distinct and diverse ways to address growing demands for higher education in a globalised world. Each of them has privileged certain activities as a central part of its internationalisation strategy. IKCU has focused on creating a truly international cohort of students. By establishing an internationally oriented faculty and developing graduate programs in support of undergraduate education, IKCU has devoted its efforts to creating an internationally oriented curriculum. This confirms that no single magic formula is recommended for internationalising our institution since all depends on each particular case and the needs identified from within.


Website: www.ikc.edu.tr

Contact:  Assist. Prof.Dr. Mehmet Emin Bakay
E-mail: [email protected]