FUSJ is a non-profit organization dedicated to training and research. Its mission is to serve society by creating and transmitting knowledge and contributing to the formation of integrity and good professionals.
The teaching and learning model of San Jorge University is based around six distinct elements:

  • The integral education of the person present in the curriculum of each program (personal project and professional project).
  • A culture of service to those around us through the integration of Service Learning in the curriculum and the promotion of
    voluntary work with the University community.
  • The personalized attention of the student through the commitment of the teaching staff to attain positive results in the
    application of the tutorial action plan.
  • Teaching innovation and the integration of new technologies in order to improve the learning experiences of our constantly
  • The internationalization of the study programs with the objective of preparing the student for an increasingly international
    and global employment market.
  • Links to the industrial and business community, encouraging the participation of visiting professionals in teaching activities
    and in the development of real undergraduate and post-graduate projects in collaboration with companies and institutions.
    The University is composed by different knowledge areas (degrees, master and doctorate):

– Faculty of Health Sciences (Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Sport Sciences)

– Faculty of Communication and Social Sciences (Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Translation & Intercultural
Communication, Film, TV and Digital Communication, Marketing, Infant and Primary Education, Law and School of Governance and Leadership: Administration and Business Management)

– School of Architecture and Technology (Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering & Design, and Development of Video
Games, Environmental and Energy Engineering and Architecture School)
Moreover, there are two integrated research institutes:
– Institute of Modern Language
– Institute of Humanism & Society

Website: www.usj.es

Contact: Maria Luisa Sierra-Huedo
E-mail: [email protected]